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FORMED IN 1989, VICTORY RECORDS separated itself from the pack as the definitive independent label for punkhardcoreemometal and alternative. Supplying 30 years of formative music to diehard audiences everywhere, the Chicago-bred and -based label cranked up the voices of three generations of iconoclasts and built a culture without compromise. IF YOU ATTENDED UNDERGROUND hardcore gigs in the nineties, chances are you caught a Victory band or two. If you had a MySpace page, you probably had at least one Victory band in your “Friends” list—maybe even in your “Top 8.” If you frequented Warped TourOzzfest or both, you spent your summer with Victory. If you get your dose of hard music through streaming these days, you’ve certainly been told “you might like” a Victory act or two. That said, the roster’s influence remains inescapable. YOU CAN TRACE THE LABEL's GENESIS back to flier-covered walls and sweaty basement shows, making Victory the perfect home for hardcore juggernauts such as Earth Crisis and Hatebreed in the early days. Speaking to the unrestrained energy of a post-Y2K world, the company canvased the internet as well as it canvased the streets. Victory leveraged early social networks like MySpace to maximum impact (and friend counts) early on as bands like Taking Back Sunday and Hawthorne Heights shook the mainstream. Victory rewrote the rulebook for metal and hardcore crossover with Atreyu’s eighties-spiked, pit-splitting barrage and Between the Buried & Me’s mind-bending mélange of prog and metal. Then, there’s A Day to Remember. The Ocala, FL, titans fused metal and pop-punk and went on to become the label’s biggest act. The influence of this catalog only continues to grow with unforgettable contributions by BaysideComeback KidCounterpartsEmmureIntegritySilversteinthe Reverend Horton HeatThursday and many more. VICTORY WILL ALWAYS BE HOME TO CULTURE WITHOUT COMPROMISE. Visit: VictoryRecords.com