Full Collapse (Mystery Vinyl LP)

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From the Victory Records Vault!

This vinyl LP has black and/or assorted colors available, and you will receive a randomly selected variant.

Full Collapse is the second album from legendary New Jersey rock band Thursday. First released in 2001, the album was just the beginning of a long career for the band, who recently reunited to embark on a 20-year anniversary tour. The album features their breakout single “Understanding in a Car Crash,” which is still a fan favorite today.



  1. A0001
  2. Understanding in a Car Crash
  3. Concealer
  4. Autobiography of a Nation
  5. A Hole in the World
  6. Cross Out the Eyes


  1. Paris in Flames
  2. I am the Killer
  3. Standing on the Edge of Summer
  4. Wind Up
  5. How Long Is The Night?
  6. 1100

• Featuring "Understanding in a Car Crash", "Cross out the Eyes" and more
• Standard weight vinyl