Vagabundeando! Hangin' Out (Hi-Res Digital Album)

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Release Date: May 10, 2024

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Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Joe Cuba Sextet’s debut album on Tico Records with this remastered reissue. This album set the stage for Joe as a premier Latin artist in late ’60s. The band reinvented the Latin sound several times over, giving salsa some swagger and swing. Starring Puerto Rican singers Jimmy Sabater and Cheo Feliciano, the album’s hits include “El Ratón,” “Niña” and “Flaco’s Cha Cha.”

Features vocalist Cheo Feliciano on the iconic song “El Ratón”

Track List:
1. Quinto Sabroso
2. I Need You
3. Oriza Oko
4. Flaco's Cha Cha
5. No Coman Cuento
6. Oye Bien

7. Yo Y Borinquen
8. Quieres Volver
9. Nina Nina
10. El Ratón
11. Trip To Mamboland
12. Ya Se Acabó