The Traveling Wilburys Collection (2-CD + DVD)

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This 2-CD/1-DVD set features editions of the fabled group’s two classic albums, as well as previously unreleased songs. The bonus all-region DVD contains historic footage documenting the making of the Wilburys’ albums from first chord to the final mix, and their five video clips. The Deluxe Edition includes a 40-page collectible book with photos, original liner notes and new liner notes.

Disc 1 - The Traveling Wilburys, Vol. 1

1.Handle With Care

2.Dirty World


4.Last Night

5.Not Alone Any More


7.Heading For The Light


9.Tweeter And The Monkey Man

10.End Of The Line

11.Maxine (Bonus Track)

12.Like A Ship (Bonus Track)

Disc 2 - DVD

• The True History of The Traveling Wilburys (Documentary)
Handle With Care (Music Video)

• End Of The Line (Music Video)
Inside Out (Music Video)

• She’s My Baby (Music Video)

• Wilbury Twist (Music Video)

Disc 3 - The Traveling Wilburys, Vol. 3

1.She’s My Baby

2.Inside Out

3.If You Belonged To Me

4.The Devil’s Been Busy

5.7 Deadly Sins

6.Poor House

7.Where Were You Last Night?

8.Cool Dry Place

9.New Blue Moon

10.You Took By Breath Away

11.Wilbury Twist

12.Nobody’s Child (Bonus Track)

13.Runaway (Bonus Track)

Vol. 1 Musicians:
Acoustic Guitar, Lead & Backing Vocals: Lucky Wilbury
Keyboards, Guitars, Lead & Backing Vocals: Otis Wilbury
Acoustic Guitar, Lead & Backing Vocals: Charlie T. Jnr.
Acoustic Guitar, Lead & Backing Vocals: Lefty Wilbury
Guitars, Lead & Backing Vocals: Nelson Wilbury
Drums: Jim Keltner
Saxophones: Jim Horn
Percussion: Ray Cooper
Tom Toms on “Handle With Care”: Ian Wallace
Guitar Solo & Backing Vocals on “Maxine”: Ayrton Wilbury
Guitar Solo on “Like A Ship”: Otis Wilbury
Additional Backing Vocals on “Like A Ship”: Otis and Ayrton Wilbury

Vol. 3 Musicians:
Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Mandolins, Sitar, Lead & Backing Vocals: Spike Wilbury
Acoustic Guitar, Lead & Backing Vocals: Muddy Wilbury
Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Leading & Backing Vocals: Clayton Wilbury
Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, Lead & Backing Vocals: Boo Wilbury
Drums & Percussion: Jim Keltner
Percussion: Ray Cooper
Saxophones: Jim Horn
Lead Guitar on “She’s My Baby”: Gary Moore
Clavioline Solo on “Runaway”: Clayton Wilbury

Collection Produced by:
Otis Wilbury / Clayton Wilbury

Collection Artwork/Photo credits:
Vol. 1: Original Art Direction by David Costa for Wherefore Art?
Vol. 1: Sleeve Photgraphy by Neal Preston, Gered Mankowitz & Chris Smith
Vol. 3: Original Art Direction and Design by David Costa and Nicky Hames for Wherefore Art?
Vol. 3: Sleeve Photography by Caroline Greyshock
Vol. 3: Wilbury Twist Photography by Julian Hawkins
Collection Design by Drew Lorimer and Olivia Harrison