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The Birth Of Bop: The Savoy 10-Inch LP Collection (Digital Album)

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The Birth of Bop is a new collection celebrating the enduring legacy of Savoy Records Bop catalog spanning 1944-1949. The set Includes 30 tracks from such jazz legends as Charlie Parker, Dexter Gordon, Stan Getz, Milt Jackson, Allen Eager, Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis, with audio restoration by Joe Tarantino

The Birth Of Bop, Volume 1
1. CHARLIE PARKER: Romance Without Finance (3:04)
2. DEXTER GORDON: Dexter's Minor Mad (2:42)
3. J. J. JOHNSON: Jay Bird (2:59)
4. MILT JACKSON: Hearing Bells (2:53)
5. LEO PARKER: Chase ’N’ Lion (Chase’n The Lion) (2:48)
6. STAN GETZ: Stan’s Mood (2:42)
The Birth Of Bop, Volume 2
7. FATS NAVARRO: Hollerin’ and Screamin’ (Fatso) (2:40)
8. ALLEN EAGER: Church Mouse (2:46)
9. KAI WINDING: Always (3:24)
10. DON BYAS: Byas A Drink (2:45)
11. J. J. JOHNSON: Jay Jay (3:06)
12. DEXTER GORDON: Long Tall Dexter (3:01)
The Birth Of Bop, Volume 3
13. BUDD JOHNSON: Little Benny (King Kong) (2:38)
14. J. J. JOHNSON: Mad Be Bop (2:41)
15. MILT JACKSON: Bubu (2:34)
16. LEO PARKER: Solitude (2:53)
17. STAN GETZ: Don’t Worry ’Bout Me (2:38)
18. FATS NAVARRO: Maternity (Lard Pot) (3:01)
The Birth Of Bop, Volume 4
19. ALLEN EAGER: Donald Jay (2:31)
20. KAI WINDING: Saxon (2:45)
21. BUDD JOHNSON: Dee Dee’s Dance (2:57)
22. J. J. JOHNSON: Coppin’ the Bop (2:59)
23. MILT JACKSON: Junior (2:34)
24. DEXTER GORDON: Dexter Digs In (2:57)
The Birth Of Bop, Volume 5
25. ALLEN EAGER: Unmeditated (3:08)
26. LEO PARKER: The Lion's Roar (Lion Roars) (2:59)
27. EDDIE “LOCKJAW” DAVIS: Stealin’ Trash (2:47)
28. ROY PORTER: Pete’s Beat (2:36)
29. SERGE CHALOFF: Pumpernickel (2:31)
30. MORRIS LANE: Blowin’ For Kicks (2:31)

• Celebrating the influential early Savoy Records catalog
• Mastering and Audio Restoration by Joe Tarantino at Joe Tarantino Mastering
• Includes tracks by legendary artists including Charlie Parker, Dexter Gordon, Stan Getz, Milt Jackson, Allen Eager, Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis and more