Progression Through Unlearning (White/Yellow Swirl LP - Craft Exclusive)

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White & yellow swirl vinyl, limited to 500 copies, exclusive to Victory Records and Craft Recordings.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of its releaseProgression Through Unlearning is being released on a brand new white & yellow swirl vinyl color. The album features the songs “Caboose”, “Zombie Prescription” and “Guilty By Ignorance” and was described by Vice as a “Timeless hardcore classic”.



  1. Caboose
  2. Guilty By Ignorance 
  3. Harrison Bergeron 
  4. Priceless 
  5. Zombie Prescription 


  1. Killing Yourself To Live 
  2. She Suffocates 
  3. Weak Tyrant
  4. Vent
  5. Breaking And Reaching 
  6. Outro 
  • Album celebrates 25th Anniversary this year
  • Available on a new white & yellow swirl vinyl colorway
  • Features the singles “Caboose,”, “Zombie Prescription,” and “Guiilty By Ignorance”
  • Standard weight vinyl, pressed at SPP