Baby Beluga (Album)

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Baby Beluga is a fun-filled collection of favorite children's songs and Raffi originals, all performed in the singer's folksy, expressive style. Beluga begins with the sounds of whales communicating in their high-pitch squeaks (which presented here are cute and sweet) and features melodic lines that evoke vivid pictures of gentle waves and a frolicking whale.

An illustrated sing-along book that is published separately is a nice companion to this first track, giving young listeners visual images of the song's narrative. The rest of this varied album blends traditional songs like "Oats and Beans and Barley" and "This Old Man" with four original pieces by Raffi, including the instrumental "Water Dance."

Liner notes have the complete lyrics, a description and history of beluga whales, and explanations of Raffi's inspiration and ties to each song. This is an excellent album with catchy tunes that's sure to become a household favorite. 


1. Baby Beluga 
2. Biscuits In The Oven 
3. Oats And Beans And Barley 
4. Day O 
5. Thanks A Lot 
6. To Everyone In All The World 
7. All I Really Need
8. Over In The Meadow
9. This Old Man 
10. Water Dance 
11. Kumbaya 
12. Joshua Giraffe 
13. Morningtown Ride