Surfin' Bongos: Mono (LP)

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Just unearthed in the Craft Vault, we bring you original LP copies of The Bongo Teens & Preston Epps' Surfin' Bongos, all the way from 1963. Please note that since these are original editions from 1963, there may be slight sleeve wear or other minor cosmetic damages, although each LP is in the same pristine, unplayed condition it was in 59 years ago.

When Art Laboe of the Original Sound label contacted Paul Buff about recording some surf tracks with bongos in the spring of 1963, Buff got together with guitarist Dave Aerni and became The Bongo Teens. Other than guitar, Paul Buff played and recorded everything else himself. Laboe's idea was to combine three tracks from Preston Epps (of "Bongo Rock" fame) with whatever Paul Buff could come up with. Including Preston Epps' #14 hit "Bongo Rock" and his #78 hit "Bongo Bongo Bongo".

Note: Some copies have a label added to the sleeve with the track listings printed on it, as issued by the label.

Order limit of one copy per customer, due to the limited nature of this edition.

A1. The Bongo Teens - Wipe Out 2:18
A2. Preston Epps - Bongo Rock 2:02
A3. The Bongo Teens - Last Night 2:24
A4. The Bongo Teens - Blue Skies 2:05
A5. The Bongo Teens - Happy Surfer 2:12
A6. The Bongo Teens - Baja Bongos 1:36
B1. The Bongo Teens - Surfin' Bongos 2:00
B2. The Bongo Teens - Bustin' Surfboards 2:33
B3. Preston Epps - Bongo Bongo Bongo 2:06
B4. The Bongo Teens - Surfin' U.S.A 2:22
B5. Preston Epps - Bongo Party 1:55
B6. The Bongo Teens - Forget It 2:00