Nanci Griffith

Working in Corners 4LP Box Set - Black Vinyl

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Release Date: September 8, 2023

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Nanci Griffith’s Working In Corners boxset celebrates the country icon’s first four albums: There’s A Light Beyond These Woods, Poet In My Window, Once In A Very Blue Moon, and GRAMMY nominated The Last of The True Believers. The set includes expansive liner notes by producer Jim Rooney and writer Holly Gleason, along with rare photographs. Her trailblazing career caused Rolling Stone to dub Griffith as “…one of the most critically acclaimed and beloved veterans of the country-folk-pop scene. 

Disc 1 – There's a Light Beyond These Woods
Side A
1. I Remember Joe
2. Alabama Soft-Spoken Blues
3. Michael’s Song
4. Song for Remembered Heroes
5. West Texas Sun

Side B
1. There’s a Light Beyond These Woods
2. Dollar Matinee
3. Montana Backroads
4. John Phillip Griffith

Disc 2 – Poet in My Window
Side A
1. Marilyn Monroe/Neon and Waltzes
2. Heart of a Miner
3. Julie Anne
4. You Can’t Go Home Again
5. October Reasons

Side B
1. Wheels
2. Workin’ In Corners
3. Waltzing with the Angels
4. Trouble with Roses
5. Tonight I Think I’m Gonna Go Downtown
6. Poet In My Window

Disc 3 – Once in a Very Blue Moon
Side A
1. Ghost In The Music
2. Love Is A Hard Waltz
3. Roseville Fair
4. Mary & Omie
5. Friend Out In The Madness
6. I’m Not Drivin’ These Wheels (Bring The Prose To The Wheel)

Side B
1. Ballad Of Robin Winter-Smith
2. Daddy Said
3. Once In A Very Blue Moon
4. If I Were The Woman You Wanted
5. Year Down In New Orleans
6. Spin On A Red Brick Floor

Disc 4 – The Last of the True Believers
Side A
1. The Last of the True Believers
2. Love at the Five & Dime
3. St. Olav’s Gate
4. More than a Whisper
5. Banks of the Pontchartrain

Side B
1. Lookin’ for the Time (Working Girl)
2. Goin’ Gone
3. One of These Days
4. Love’s Found a Shoulder
5. Fly by Night
6. The Wing & the Wheel

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