Mayday Parade

Monsters in the Closet (Orchid 2-LP – Craft Recordings Exclusive)

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Release Date: December 1, 2023

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Mayday Parade is celebrating the 10th Anniversary of their fourth studio album, Monsters In The Closet, with an expanded vinyl reissue. The 2-LP set includes six previously unreleased demos and alternate cover art, complete with an etching on the d-side and housed in a gatefold jacket. The original July 2013 release debuted at #10 on the Billboard 200, and #16 on the UK Independent Singles Breakers. Kill Your Stereo dubbed the album “Mayday Parade’s strongest, most accomplished release yet” and “an absolutely incredible release.” Available on Orchid wax exclusively through Craft Recordings. 


Side A
1. Ghosts 
2. Girls 
3. Last Night For A Table Of Two 
4. 12 Through 15 
5. The Torment Of Existence Weighed Against The Horror Of Nonbeing 
6. Even Robots Need Blankets 

Side B 
1. Repent And Repeat 
2. Demons 
3. Sorry, Not Sorry 
4. Nothing You Can Live Without, Nothing You Can Do Without 
5. Hold Onto Me 
6. Angels  

Side C 
1. Ghost 
2. Girls 
3. Promise 
4. Circus 
5. Forget 
6. Breathe

• Features 6 unreleased demos
• 2-LP set housed in a gatefold jacket, complete with a D-side etching
• Packaged in an alternative cover, which was only used once before as a limited-edition tour variant
• Features singles, “Ghosts” and “Girls”
• Album debuted at #10 on the Billboard Hot 200 chart, #4 on Alternative Albums, #2 on Independent Albums, and #4 on Rock Albums
• “Ghosts” single hit #16 on the UK Independent Singles Breakers chart, and #35 on the UK Rock & Metal Singles Chart