Sorcery Digital Album

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Release Date: July 14, 2023

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Sorcery finds DeJohnette teamed up with a tight crew of virtuosic bandmates, including veterans of Miles Davis’s Bitches Brew sessions (bassist Dave Holland) and Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters band (Bennie Maupin). Discursive, meditative, trippy but grounded in tasty grooves (the deep digger drum break “Epilog”) and laced with flurries of Hendrix-on-jazz-steroids guitar from 6-string heroes John Abercrombie and Mick Goodrick plus the ahead-of-its-time electronic processing of DeJohnette, this band would never be mistakenly filed under Smooth Jazz. 

Side A

1. Sorcery #1
2. The Right Time
3. The Rock Thing

Side B

1. The Reverend King Suite:
a) Reverend King /
b) Obstructions /
c) The Fatal Shot /
d) Mourning /
e) Unrest /
f) New Spirits On The Horizon
2.Four Levels Of Joy

First wide reissue since the album’s release in 1974
Cut from the original analog tapes by Kevin Gray