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Feelin' Right Saturday Night: The Ric & Ron Anthology (2-LP)

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Feelin’ Right Saturday Night: The Ric & Ron Anthology commemorates the 60th anniversary of pioneering New Orleans R&B label Ric Records, and its sister label Ron Records. The Ric and Ron labels occupy a unique place in the history of New Orleans rhythm and blues. Operating for only four years, between 1958 and 1962, these sister imprints document a unique and transitory sound in New Orleans music.

This release presents many of the most rocking and exciting tracks in the Ric and Ron catalog—the hits, and a few buried treasures, including two previously unreleased tracks: a demo of “Tipitina” from Professor Longhair and “Good Enough For Me” from Eddie Bo, as well as new liner notes from GRAMMY® award-winning producer/artist Scott Billington.

Side A
1. Professor Longhair – Go To The Mardi Gras
2. Chris Kenner – Rocket To The Moon  
3. Eddie Bo – Every Dog Got His Day  
4. Irma Thomas – I May Be Wrong   
5. Robert Parker – Walkin’
6. Johnny Adams – A Losing Battle  
7. Martha Carter – You Can If You Think You Can
Side B
1. Irma Thomas – Don’t Mess With My Man
2. Al Johnson – You Done Me Wrong
3. Johnny Adams – Life Is Just A Struggle
4. Edgar Blanchard – Lonesome Guitar 
5. Eddie Bo – Tell It Like It Is
6. Professor Longhair – Tipitina (demo)*
7. Lenny Capello and the Dots – Tootles
Side C  
1. Al Johnson – Carnival Time 
2. Tommy Ridgley – Double Eye Whammy
3. Eddie Bo – Good Enough For Me*
4. Johnny Adams – (Oh Why) I Won’t Cry   
5. Professor Longhair – Cuttin’ Out  
6. Joe Jones – You Talk Too Much  
7. Martha Nelson – I Don’t Talk Too Much  
Side D 
1. Eddie Bo – Check Mr. Popeye (Part I) 
2. Mercy Baby – Pleadin’  
3. Lee Tillman & Bud Stewart's Top Notchers – Will Travel
4. Barbara Lynn – Found My Good Thing (demo) 
5. Tommy Ridgley – In The Same Old Way
6. Eddie Bo – Dinky Doo  
7. The Velvetiers – Feelin’ Right Saturday Night 
*Previously unreleased 

• Celebrating the 60th anniversary of Ric Records, the legendary New Orleans R&B label along with its sister label Ron Records (launched in 1959). 
• Featuring music from Professor Longhair, Irma Thomas, Eddie Bo, and Al Johnson
• New liner notes by GRAMMY-winning producer Scott Billington
• Two previously unreleased tracks “Tipitina” (Demo) by Professor Longhair, and “Good Enough For Me” by Eddie Bo
• Double LP package with vinyl cut at Well Made Music under the supervision of Clint Holley