Birth Is Pain (Mystery Vinyl LP)

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From the Victory Records Vault!

This vinyl LP has black and/or assorted colors available, and you will receive a randomly selected variant.

Featuring former members of Integrity, this resurrected Cleveland, OH metalcore band plays brutal music that quite possibly fits them into the category of "the Manson Family of the new millennium." Hardcore chaos recommended for fans of Hatebreed and Integrity.


Side A 

  1. The Sickness
  2. Take Back What's Ours
  3. Birth Is Pain
  4. Madness Of War
  5. Amputee
  6. Dollar Whore

Side B 

  1. Self-Destruct
  2. Endless Cycles
  3. Again And Again
  4. I Can See
  5. Wallow

• Standard weight vinyl.