Big Star

Radio City (180g LP)

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Big Star, considered to be among the founders of power pop, has been cited as an influence by many of the major alternative bands of the ’80s and ’90s, and continues to be a powerful presence in today’s musical landscape. Artists such as R.E.M., Teenage Fanclub, The Replacements (who famously penned the song “Alex Chilton”) and Wilco all enthusiastically tout the artistic impact of the group. Mike Mills recalls Big Star as “a band who had gotten it right, who made records that sounded like rock and roll bands should sound. A band who wrote all the songs, from flat-out rockers to achingly beautiful ballads that were still somehow rock songs.”

Radio City is the second album from Big Star. Released in 1974, Radio City includes “September Gurls” and “Back of a Car” which remain some of the most famous Big Star songs. The legacy of Radio City have far exceeded the original commercial letdowns of the album, which is now considered to be a milestone in the history of rock by critics and musicians alike. Both Radio City and #1 Record made it onto Rolling Stone‘s 500 “Greatest Albums of All Time” lists, while tracks from each album (“Thirteen” and “September Gurls”) are also among the magazine’s 500 “Greatest Songs of All Time".


Side A 

  1. O, My Soul
  2. Life IS White
  3. Way Out West
  4. What’s Goin Ahn
  5. You Get What You Deserve

Side B 

  1. Mod Lang
  2. Back Of A Car
  3. Daisy Glaze
  4. She’s A Mover
  5. September Gurls
  6. Morpha Too
  7. I’m In Love With A Girl

• Pressed on 180-gram vinyl

• All-analog mastering and cut from the original stereo tapes