Country Joe & The Fish

Electric Music For The Mind And Body (180g LP)

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A true talisman of the '60s Bay Area scene, this debut 1967 180-gram LP packed in one head-expanding psych classic after another.

Given their origins, both geographically (San Francisco) and stylistically (founder Joe McDonald and lead guitarist Barry Melton first hooked up in a jug band), it wasn't surprising that the ragtag Fish sounded like an acid-soaked, plugged-in folk band when they debuted in '67. Simultaneously the most political and funniest of all the Northern California bands, the Fish's yippie-hippie philosophy was reflected in songs like "Superbird" (about Lyndon Johnson), "Flying High" (about getting you-know-what), and the bluesy free love saga, "Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine." That they could periodically wax serious as well (the wide-angled instrumental "Section Forty Three" and the moody "Bass Strings") only added more bite to their satiric pungency. --Billy Altman

A1. Flying High
A2. Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine
A3. Death Sound
A4. Porpoise Mouth
A5. Section 43
B1. Super Bird
B2. Sad and Lonely Times
B3. Love
B4. Bass Strings
B5. The Masked Marauder
B6. Grace

• Features 180-gram vinyl cut at Ardent Studios on the original Stax lathe and pressed in Memphis at Memphis Record Pressing.

• Old-school style tip-on jacket with printed inner sleeve featuring new liner notes by Rob Bowman, Grammy® Award winning author of Soulsville U.S.A.: The Story of Stax Records.