El Rey Bravo (Digital Album)

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The king of the Latin-American dance field is Tito Puente. Once again, the diminutive maestro demonstrates his dominance with this new recording of popular Latin-American rhythms. In this exciting outing, Tito Puente and his orchestra lay down a driving irresistible beat that moves from beginning to end in a pulsating performance. Tito Puente and his orchestra create an added appeal with their ensemble singing which lends an authenticity to the music. Their vocal performance like everything else sparkles with vitality.


1. Malanga Con Yuca
2. Oye Cómo Va
3. Tokyo De Noche
4. Tombola
5. Traigo El Coco Seco
6. Africa Habla
7. Batacumba
8. La Pase Gozando
9. Tito Suena El Timbal
10. Donde Vas
11. Gato Miau, Miau