The Thousand Incarnations of the Rose (2-LP Box Set)

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The Thousand Incarnations of the Rose: American Primitive Guitar and Banjo (1963-1974) celebrates the evocative and singular style of solo fingerstyle guitar and banjo music brought forward by a group of maverick artists’ expressive interpretations of folk, blues and traditional song. Featuring recordings from the Takoma and Vanguard archives by luminaries like John Fahey, Robbie Basho and Leo Kottke, this compilation serves as a definitive primer on the stylistically diverse, emotive, enigmatic genre known as American primitive.

Guitarist/scholar Glenn Jones (who brilliantly assembled this collection) provides illuminating liner notes to broaden the listeners’ understanding of the American Primitive movement’s diverse inspirations and iterations.

Side A
A1. John Fahey - Night Train to Valhalla
A2. Leo Kottke - The Ice Miner
A3. Leo Kottke - Anyhow
A4. Peter Walker - April In Cambridge
A5. Harry Taussig - Water Verses
A6. Harry Taussig - Children’s Dance
A7. Sandy Bull - Little Maggie

Side B
B1. John Fahey - On the Banks of the Owchita
B2. Peter Walker - Gypsy Song
B3. Max Ochs - Raga (1)
B4. Max Ochs - Raga (2)
B5. Billy Faier - Longhorn Express

Side C
C1. Robbie Basho - The Thousand Incarnations of the Rose
C2. Fred Gerlach - Eyrie

Side D
D1. George Stavis - Winterland Doldrums
D2. Peter Lang - When Kings Come Home
D3. John Fahey - The Portland Cement Factory at Monolith, California

• 2-LP 180-gram Vinyl
• Housed in an old-school style tip-on jacket