The Complete Studio Recordings (5-LP Box Set)

The Complete Studio Recordings (5-LP Box Set)

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For the first time, the essential studio recordings of Britain’s legendary Zombies are assembled in one place on vinyl. The set includes their two original US albums: She’s Not There/Tell Her No and Odessey & Oracle; two important compilations: I Love You and R.I.P.; as well as a bespoke collection of rare singles and UK-only album tracks: Oddities & Extras. The most comprehensive LP collection ever assembled for The Zombies, confirmed as inductees in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2019.

LP 1: She’s Not There / Tell Her No
A1. She’s Not There
A2. Summertime
A3. It’s Alright With Me
A4. You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me / Bring It On Home To Me
A5. Sometimes
A6. Woman
B1. Tell Her No
B2. I Don’t Want To Know
B3. Work ’n’ Play
B4. Can’t Nobody Love You
B5. What More Can I Do
B6. Got My Mojo Working

LP 2: I Love You
C1. The Way I Feel Inside
C2. How We Were Before
C3. Is This The Dream
C4. Whenever You’re Ready
C5. Woman
C6. You Make Me Feel Good
D1. Gotta Get A Hold Of Myself
D2. Indication
D3. Don’t Go Away
D4. I Love You
D5. Leave Me Be
D6. She’s Not There

LP 3: Odessey & Oracle
E1. Care of Cell 44
E2. A Rose for Emily
E3. Maybe After He’s Gone
E4. Beechwood Park
E5. Brief Candles
E6. Hung Up On A Dream
F1. Changes
F2. I Want Her She Wants Me
F3. This Will Be Our Year
F4. Butcher’s Tale (Western Front 1914)
F5. Friends of Mine
F6. Time of the Season

LP 4: R.I.P.
G1. She Loves The Way They Love Her
G2. Imagine The Swan
G3. Smokey Day
G4. Girl Help Me
G5. I Could Spend The Day
G6. Conversation Off Floral Street
H1. If It Don’t Work Out
H2. I’ll Call You Mine
H3. I’ll Keep Trying
H4. I Know She Will
H5. Don’t Cry For Me
H6. Walking In The Sun

Disc 5: Oddities & Extras
I1. Kind Of Girl
I2. She’s Coming Home
I3. I Must Move
I4. I Want You Back Again
I5. I Can’t Make Up My Mind
I6. I Remember When I Loved Her
I7. I’m Going Home
J1. Remember You
J2. Just Out Of Reach
J3. Nothing’s Changed
J4. Goin’ Out Of My Head
J5. She Does Everything For Me
J6. A Love That Never Was

• Deluxe 5-LP box set