The New Folk Sound (CD)

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Terry Callier conveys the promise and power in The New Folk Sound of Terry Callier, capturing a young man in his element, his voice and soul, jazz and folk-infused songs timeless.  This new version includes five previously unreleased alternate takes (“900 Miles,” “Promenade In Green,” “It’s About Time” and “Be My Woman”) along with two tracks making their vinyl debut (“Jack O’Diamonds” and “Golden Apples of the Sun”), as well as new liner notes by Jason Woodbury which help narrate this lost gem.

1. 900 Miles
2. Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be
3. Johnny Be Gay If You Can Be
4. Cotton Eyed Joe
5. It’s About Time
6. Promenade in Green
7. Spin, Spin, Spin
8. I’m a Drifter
9. Jack O’Diamonds
10. Golden Apples of the Sun
11. Promenade in Green [take 1]*
12. Be My Woman [take 1]*
13. 900 Miles [take 1]*
14. It’s About Time [take 2]*
15. Oh Dear, What Can The Matter Be [take 2]*

*previously unreleased

• Features previously unreleased alternate versionsincluding “900 Miles,” “Promenade in Green” and“Be My Woman”