Bongo Bongo Bongo: Stereo (LP)

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Just unearthed in the Craft Vault, we bring you original LP copies of Preston Epps' Bongo Bongo Bongo, all the way from 1960. Please note that since these are original editions from 1960, there may be slight sleeve wear or other minor cosmetic damages, although each LP is in the same pristine, unplayed condition it was in 62 years ago.

"Bongo Bongo Bongo took over a year to plan and produce, but we think you'll agree it was worth waiting for. This album employed the work of over 40 musicians, arrangers, singers, engineers and producers. (Not including the animals.)

The Bongos are a constant companion of the young people of the world who like to have fun.

Preston Epps has fun playing the Bongos and we know you'll enjoy listening."

- Original Sound Records, 1960

Order limit of one copy per customer, due to the limited nature of this edition.

A1 Bongo In The Congo 2:00
A2 Bongo Rock 2:00
A3 Jungle Drums 2:32
A4 Doin' The Cha Cha Cha 2:09
A5 Bongo Bongo Bongo 2:08
A6 Bongos In Pastel 2:05
B1 Call of the Jungle 12:39