Genesis of Genius: Digital + Merch Bundle (Digital Album + T-Shirt + Tote Bag)

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This bundle contains a hi-res digital copy of Genesis of Genius: The Contemporary Albums, your choice of either a Contemporary Records logo t-shirt or Contemporary Records circular logo t-shirt, and a Contemporary Records tote bag, bundled at a discounted price for a limited time.

Ornette Coleman - Genesis of Genius: The Contemporary Albums (Digital Album)

Containing newly remastered audio, Genesis of Genius: The Contemporary Albums combines legendary Jazz saxophonist Ornette Coleman’s albums for Lester Koenig’s Contemporary Records.

This deluxe edition features Coleman’s first albums as a bandleader, Something Else!!!! and Tomorrow is the Question!. Both albums were originally recorded by legendary engineer Roy DuNann and have been newly mastered by Bernie Grundman, whom DuNann was a mentor for.

    Something Else!!!!: The Music of Ornette Coleman
    1. Invisible (4:43)
    2. The Blessing (4:45)
    3. Jayne (7:17)
    4. Chippie (5:37)
    5. The Disguise (2:48)
    6. Angel Voice (4:30)
    7. Alpha (4:12)
    8. When Will The Blues Leave? (4:56)
    9. The Sphinx (4:14)

    Tomorrow is the Question! : The New Music of Ornette Coleman
    1. Tomorrow Is The Question! (3:09)
    2. Tears Inside (5:00)
    3. Mind And Time (3:08)
    4. Compassion (4:37)
    5. Giggin' (3:19)
    6. Rejoicing (4:04)
    7. Lorraine (5:55)
    8. Turnaround (7:55)
    9. Endless (5:18)

    • Both albums were recorded by Contemporary Records' legendary engineer Roy DuNann and are newly mastered from the original tapes by Bernie Grundman legendary engineer Roy DuNann 
    • Features collective personnel:  Ornette Coleman - alto saxophone, Don Cherry - trumpet, Walter Norris - piano, Don Payne - bass, Percy Heath - bass, Red Mitchell - bass, Billy Higgins - drums, Shelly Manne - drums