Drums A-Go-Go: Stereo (LP)

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Just unearthed in the Craft Vault, we bring you original LP copies of The Hollywood Persuaders' Drums A-Go-Go, all the way from 1965. Please note that since these are original editions from 1965, there may be slight sleeve wear or other minor cosmetic damages, although each LP is in the same pristine, unplayed condition it was in 57 years ago.

"By popular demand, Original Sound Records presents this album…DRUMS A-GO-GO…The EXCITING, FRESH approach of DRUMS and RHYTHM in the foreground!

DRUMS A-GO-GO was recorded at Original Sound Studios in Hollywood on their exclusive high fidelity, super stereo, ten-track tape machine, which is the invention of the electronic wizard – leader of The Hollywood Persuaders – Paul Buff, who also wrote many of the compositions contained in this album.  This album makes slow parties “come alive” – and “live” parties go into orbit…HAVE FUN!"
Art Laboe, President, Original Sound Records

Order limit of one copy per customer, due to the limited nature of this edition.

A1. Drums A-Go-Go 2:19
A2. Last Night 2:15
A3. Forget It 2:30
A4. Thunderbird 2:25
A5. Eve Of Destruction 2:10
A6. Tijuana 2:11
B1. Satisfaction 2:09
B2. Hollywood A-Go-Go 1:57
B3. Rush Street 2:00
B4. Persuasion 1:58
B5. Sunset Strip 2:30
B6. North Beach 2:30