The Very Best Things (CD)

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Anyone wondering whether Richard Patrick should have departed Nine Inch Nails to form alterna-industrial frontrunners Filter can judge by this concise 12-track collection (they only released four records over VERY BEST's 13-year span). THINGS is unsurprisingly buoyed by the band's smash singles, "Hey Man Nice Shot" and "Take A Picture." But those disparate tracks, and their chronological sequencing, only highlight the unpredictable and underrated path Patrick walked as a songwriter. From his days as a post-Ministry, grunge-era fuzz-thrasher up through contemplative ballads and textured, melodic pop arrangements, Richard Patrick and Filter made their mark as one of industrial rock's biggest crossover innovators.

1. Hey Man Nice Shot
2. Welcome to the Fold
3. Jurassitol
4. (Can't You) Trip Like I Do
5. Take a Picture
6. Soldiers of Misfortune
7. Where Do We Go from Here
8. Dose
9. I'm Not the Only One
10. Skinny
11. One
12. The Best Things
13. The Only Way (Is the Wrong Way
14. Thanks Bro