1969 Archive Box (9-Disc CD & LP Box Set)

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The 1969 Archive Box celebrates this incredible moment in time for one of rock music’s most enduring rock bands with a treasure trove of artifacts.

The full list of contents includes: the Japanese pressing of Bayou Country, on red vinyl; the Italian pressing of Green River; and the US pressing of Willy and the Poor Boys, each with a companion CD (the only components of the collection that are not from 1969). 7-inch singles include: a Japanese “Bad Moon Rising” EP, pressed on red vinyl, as well as Brazilian and Mexican vinyl EPs (“Proud Mary” and “Fortunate Son,” respectively). Replicated artifacts include a Willy and the Poor Boys textbook cover, a Green River album poster, a Creedence bumper sticker, a Woodstock ticket and a previously unreleased 8x10 concert photo. A 60-page composition book rounds out the package, featuring an array of press clippings (charts, interviews and reviews) and additional correspondence.

Includes 3 LPs + 3 CDs:

  • Bayou Country - Japanese red vinyl LP with unique cover and lyric insert
  • Green River - Italian LP with unique cover
  • Willie & The Poor Boys - US LP

Plus 3 7-Inch EPs:

  • Japanese red vinyl EP featuring Bad Moon Rising/Proud Mary/Susie Q/I Put A Spell On You
  • Brazilian EP featuring Proud Mary/Bad Moon Rising/Walk on The Water/Lodi
  • Mexican Hijo Afortunado EP featuring Fortunate Son/Down On The Corner/Tombstone Shadow/Cross Tie Walker

- 3 LPs, 180-Gram Vinyl, with mandala-design etched on Side-8
- Slipcase containing 3 LPs in single jackets
- 12” x 12” booklet
- Artifacts
- 60 page composition notebook with reviews, charts, bios, interviews and more
- Willy & The Poor Boys textbook cover
- Green River album poster
- Previously unreleased 8x10 concert photo
- Woodstock concert ticket replica
- CREEDENCE bumper sticker