Barbarella: Original Soundtrack (180g LP - Varese Exclusive)

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Limited to 500 copies on black vinyl, exclusive to the Varese and Craft Recordings stores.

The classic 1968 science fiction film directed by Roger Vadim and starring Jane Fonda celebrates its 50th anniversary with a limited edition repress of the classic soundtrack on LP. 

The album includes the legendary song "Barbarella" with a vocal by The Glitterhouse, as well as the song “An Angel Is Love” with a vocal by Bob Crewe, The score was composed by Charles Fox. The packaging mimics the original release, but the LP appears for the first time on heavyweight 180 gram black vinyl.

1. Barbarella (Vocal by The Glitterhouse) (2:40)
2. Goodnight Alfie (1:29)
3. Spaceship Out Of Control (1:28)
4. Ski Ride (1:56)
5. The Hungry Dolls (1:48)
6. Love Love Love Drags Me Down ((Vocal by The Glitterhouse) (3:42)
7. Pygar Finds Barbarella (1:17)
8. I Love All The Love In You (Vocal by The Glitterhouse) (3:52)
9. The Labyrinth (1:11)
10. Pygar's New Wings (1:57)
11. Fight In Flight (1:02)

1. Entrance Into Sogo (1:56)
2. Hello Pretty Pretty (1:03)
3. Pygar's Persecution (1:16)
4. The Black Queen's Beads (3:31)
5. Dead Duck (:34)
6. The Pill (1:02)
7. Smoke (Viper Vapor) (2:16)
8. The Sex Machine (3:17)
9. The Chamber Of Dreams (2:23)
10. The Destruction Of Sogo (2:27)
11. An Angel Is Love (Vocal by Bob Crewe) (4:23)