Kill The House Lights (Mystery Vinyl 2-LP)

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From the Victory Records Vault!

This vinyl LP has black and/or assorted colors available, and you will receive a randomly selected variant.

Kill the House Lights is a complication album by New Jersey rock band Thursday. The album features five new songs, two live recordings and three demos.


Disc 1 / Side A 

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen: My Brother, the Failure (with Tim Kasher)
  2. Dead Songs
  3. Voices on a String
  4. Signals Over the Air (live at Starland Ballroom)
  5. How Long Is the Night? (original intro)
  6. A Sketch for Time's Arrow

Disc 1 / Side B 

  1. Panic on the Streets of Health Care City
  2. The Roar of Far Off Black Jets
  3. Paris in Flames (demo)
  4. Telegraph Avenue Kiss (Rich Costey mix)
  5. Wind Up (demo)
  6. Music from Kill the House Lights (demo)

Disc 2 / Side A 

  1. Cross Out The Eyes (Live at The Grove)
  2. Steps Ascending (Live at The Grove) 
  3. How Long Is The Night? (Live at The Grove)

Disc 2 / Side B 

  1. Concealer (Demo)
  2. Telegraph Avenue Kiss (Demo)
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