Whiplash: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (LP)

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The Whiplash soundtrack consists of 3 distinct parts: Original songs written for the film, original score written for the film, and classic jazz standards by Stan Getz, Duke Ellington and more. The Original Score & Big Band Songs were created by Justin Hurwitz. The original jazz songs were created by Grammy-nominated composer, Tim Simonec. The film won 3 Academy Awards and earned a Best Picture nomination.

A1. Snare Liftoff (:43)
A2. Overture (3:19)
A3. Too Thip To Retire (3:03)
A4. Whiplash (1:55)
A5. Fletcher’s Song In Club (1:28)
A6. Upswingin’ (2:12)
A7. First Nassau Band Rehearsal / Second Nassau Band Rehearsal / Studio Band Eavesdrop / Studio Rehearsal After Breakup (1:34)
A8. Caravan (9:14)
B1. “Good Job” (1:28)
B2. Practicing (1:43)
B3. Intoit (3:19)
B4. Accident ( 5:21)
B5. Casey’s Song (1:57)
B6. Dismissed (2:46)
B7. Drum & Drone (1:34)
B8. Carnegie (:36)
B9. When I Wake (3:50)
B10. Hug From Dad (1:14)

• Pressed on classic black vinyl