Jazz Dispensary Ultimate Fall Merch Bundle (T-Shirt + Crewneck + Hat + Slipmat + Bumper Sticker)

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This bundle contains a Jazz Dispensary "Dankest Grooves" T-Shirt in Pebble, a Jazz Dispensary "Dankest Grooves" Crewneck in Forest Green, a corduroy logo hat, a Jazz Dispensary Zoetropic Slipmat and a Jazz Dispensary bumper sticker.

Jazz Dispensary "Dankest Grooves" T-Shirt (Pepper)
Crafted specifically for those who live life on the groovy side.

Printed on Comfort Colors 1717 Pepper. 100% ring spun cotton, garment-dyed, relaxed fit.

Jazz Dispensary "Dankest Grooves" Crewneck (Forest Green)
Printed on Gildan 18000 Forest Green. 8-ounce 50/50 poly-cotton, garment-dyed, relaxed fit.

Jazz Dispensary Logo Hat (Corduroy)
Inspired by the timeless style of dad hats, crafted specifically for those who live life on the groovy side.

Jazz Dispensary Zoetropic Slipmat
Designed by Drew Tetz, this zoetropic slipmat design comes alive when viewed through a camera. To view the effect through your phone, place the disc on the turntable at the proper speed under a bright light. The shutter will blend the frames together to form a cohesive image on the screen.

(The brighter the light, the clearer the image will appear, so try to use as many light sources as possible for the best results!)

Jazz Dispensary "Legalize Jazz" Bumper Sticker
Dimensions: 7.5" x 3"