Title of Record (2-LP)

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A 20th anniversary edition of Filter’s platinum-selling sophomore album, Title of Record. Available for the very first time on vinyl, the set includes four bonus tracks: “(Can’t You) Trip Like I Do” (originally recorded for the cult-classic soundtrack Spawn The Album), “Jurassitol” (previously released on The Crow: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), plus remixes of the singles “The Best Things (Humble Brothers Remix)” and “Take a Picture (H&H Remix).” It also features new liner notes by author, journalist, and Side Jams podcast host Bryan Reesman.

Upon its initial release in 1999, Title of Record was a commercial victory, peaking at the Number 30 spot on the Billboard 200. The album also won wide critical acclaim—Entertainment Weekly declared that Filter’s “Attention to melody and craft is refreshing,” while Rolling Stone praised frontman Richard Patrick as, “The most expressive and daring of the new industrial rockers, the most willing to expose the vulnerability that lurks behind the jackboots and black leather trench coat.”

A1. Sand
A2. Welcome To The Fold
A3. Captain Bligh
A4. It's Gonna Kill Me

B1. The Best Things
B2. Take A Picture
B3. Skinny
B4. I Will Lead You

C1. Cancer
C2. I'm Not The Only One
C3. Miss Blue

D1. Jurassitol
D2. (Can't You) Trip Like I Do
D3. Take A Picture (H&H Remix)
D4. The Best Things (Humble Brothers Remix)

• 2-LP edition represents the album's first time ever on vinyl (standard weight)
• Mastered by mastering by George Horn and Anne-Marie Suenram at Fantasy Studios
• Includes the hit singles “The Best Things," "Skinny," "Welcome to the Fold" and the global breakthrough "Take a Picture." Plus four bonus tracks.