Filter - Crazy Eyes (CD)

Filter - Crazy Eyes (CD)

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Two decades after Short Bus and Richard Patrick is nostalgic. On Crazy EyesPatrick reintroduces the ominous energy from the early industrial-leaning releases and sprinkles in references to former associates Nine Inch Nails (former NIN member Danny Lohner even makes an appearance). Backed by new bandmates, he fully embraces Filter's sonic legacy -- whether by direct homage ("Kid Blue from the Short Bus, Drunk Bunk") or familiar aural recall, like with the low rumbles of "Hey Man, Nice Shot" on "Under the Tongue" -- without getting stale. Over 12 tracks, Patrick assesses what he calls the "insanity of the human condition."

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1.Mother E
2.Nothing In My Hands
3.Pride Flag
4.The City Of Blinding Riots
5.Take Me To Heaven
6.Welcome To The Suck (Destiny Not Luck)
7.Head Of Fire
9.Kid Blue From The Short Bus, Drunk Bunk
10.Your Bullets
11.Under The Tongue
12.(Can't She See) Head Of Fire, Part 2