How To Make A Monster (Mystery Vinyl LP)

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From the Victory Records Vault!

This vinyl LP has black and/or assorted colors available, and you will receive a randomly selected variant.

Before the garage rock revival in the early 2000’s, many bands in that space went on hiatus - but Electric Frankenstein endured, pushing themselves to continuously release material. How To Make A Monster, originally released in 1991, is one of their most well known yet arguably most underrated released during this formative time period. This record, much like their career, is a highlight reel of punk, garage rock, heavy metal and hard rock. This release celebrates the 20th anniversary of the release. 


Side A 

1 - I Was A Modern Prometheus
2 - Cut From The Inside
3 - Speed Girl
4 - Use Me
5 - Friction
6 - Feel The Burn (Chronic) 
7 - My World

Side B 

1 - Don't Know How To Stop You
2 - Up From The Streets
3 - Pretty Deadly 
4 - Something For The Pain 
5 - I'm Not Your (Nothing)
6 - Phatty Boom Batty


• Standard weight vinyl