Joan Baez

Singer, songwriter and activist Joan Baez is one of the most significant figures in modern music, with a career that has spanned over six decades. Though often identified most closely with the folk movement of the ’60s, her influence has extended far beyond that.

Baez’s career began in the summer of 1958, when the 17-year-old musician moved to Boston to attend college. Bearing twin passions of folk music and humanist causes, Joan quickly became a staple around town, performing regularly within the coffee house folk music circuit. Even at this early period, the traditional songs in Baez’s repertoire all dealt with the human condition – underdogs in the fight, inequity among the races, the desperation of poverty, the futility of war, romantic betrayal, unrequited love, spiritual redemption and grace – themes which have been at the forefront of Baez’s work, both on and off the stage throughout her life.

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In 1957, at the height of his success, Little Richard suddenly quit his rock career after a tour of Australia.

He claimed that a vision of the apocalypse came to him in a dream, and that he saw his own damnation. In his authorized biography he tells a story of a plane flight during which the overheated engines appeared in the darkness of night to be on fire. He prayed to God and promised that if the plane landed safely he would change his ways.



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